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Forwarding services

We arrange customs formalities and customs clearance of imported and exported goods, both in Russia and Finland.

We are authorized to work with EU cargos and transit (non-EU) cargos.

We issue all documents required for transportation of goods from Finland to Russia and for importation from Russia to Finland.

  • CMR
  • AREX (advance notification about arrival of cargo to customs)
  • TIR Carnet (also e-TIR)
  • ATA Carnet
  • Export/Import customs declarations
  • T1 (Transit declarations)

Being included in Russian Register of customs carriers our main transport partner Cargo-express can deliver bonded cargoes of our customers without any additional guarantees and deposits.

Longtime and diversified experience in logistics makes it possible for our forwarders to assist you in resolving even the most complicated problems.

We speak Russian, Finnish, English.